Yusuf Azar – Broker

My passion for real estate began when my wife and I purchased land to develop into our mountain homestead. Fulfilling my lifelong dream of owning land and building a home inspired me to pursue a career in real estate. Through the process of clearing land, preparing a building site, developing utilities and building my home I have learned so many lessons that I bring to work for my clients today. I have heard the statement, “I would love to do that someday, but have no idea where to start” more times than I can count, and it is my mission to change that statement into one of confidence in taking the first steps to accomplishing your real estate goals.

My previous career was spent working for state wildlife agencies in fisheries conservation and habitat management. I navigated complex land use issues and worked with public and private stakeholders to protect endangered species while helping farmers stay productive throughout the season. I bring this unique experience in land and resource management to my work in real estate to help my clients find property best suited to their needs, navigate land development projects, and support them past closing.

Entrusting me with your real estate needs is a privilege I take seriously. I recognize that real estate is often ones’ greatest investment, and I will work diligently to bring you the value your sale deserves. Whether you want to buy or sell, I look forward to providing the tools, knowledge, and advocacy you need to have confidence in your decisions throughout your real estate journey and beyond.